« Revolutionary Technology » in Haiti’s energy sector

The cogeneration system for energy is in Haiti. It is a technology that can produce and use electricity and heat from a single energy source, utilizing the same process and in the same installation. Some see it as the future of energy in the country.

The first system for energy cogeneration installed in Haiti was released Thursday May 22nd at the Servotel Hotel located on the airport road, by the Technomoteur Company. In fact, since January 2014, two micro-turbines were installed at this establishment and it supplies electricity and air-condition. This energy source is more economical and environmentally friendly, and these devices are powered by natural gas/propane gas. “The arrival of this technology in the country will revolutionize the electric energy market in Haiti,” said Claude Duval Junior, President of the Technomoteur SA, who defines energy cogeneration as a system of producing and simultaneously using electricity and heat from a primary energy source.

Duval explained and described the importance of this new energy in the country. “The idea of cogeneration based on the fact that electricity production that uses an engine gives off a lot of heat and exhaust, usually unused and dispersed in the environment,” he said, adding that the objective of this technology is to develop it as a heat source and that the exhaust gas which, in conventional systems, are lost. He added that with the use of this technology, heat recovery and exhaust gas achieves an 85% overall energy efficiency against the 35% in the traditional system.

If this technology requires a higher initial investment in the traditional system, it allows, according to the president of Technomoteur, the investors to quickly recover the additional investment through savings on recurring “expenses that generates gains for life.” “Given the substantial savings ranging from 25-50% depending on the sectors, energy users such as hotels, ice factories, offices, shops, etc… have an interest in adopting the new technology of cogeneration energy,” said Duval , who pointed out that with the advent of micro-turbines in the country, a new world is being born in Haiti.

With the introduction of cogeneration energy in Haiti, the Ambassador of the United States sees the future of electric power in Haiti. “I see this as the future of Haiti,” said Pamela White, adding that this technology can change the country. The representative of the United States in Haiti also believes that cogeneration will change the “doing business (the way of doing business)” in the country.

A cleaner, more economical, and diversified electrical matrix is the future for the electricity generation. Rene Jean Jumeau, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister for Energy Security, admitted that since 2008, steps have been initiated for the introduction of this new technology in the country.

During the presentation ceremony of this technology, a plaque was awarded to Richard Buteau, General Manager of the Servotel Hotel, where the energy cogeneration system was introduced for the first time in Haiti. In a statement, Buteau acknowledged that there has had no problems since the installation of the turbines. “The system is very effective, efficient, quiet, and it works well,” he explained.

This is the joint initiative of three institutions, including Capstone Turbine Corporation, an American company and a world leader in the production of micro-turbines, Technomoteur, and Servotel Hotel, who opened the first cogeneration energy plant in the country possible. Technomoteur executives are willing to support all companies that want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by cogeneration energy to develop their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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