Absorption Chillers

Absorption chillers are energized by flue gas or hot water to provide chilled water for air conditioning systems or industrial cooling applications.

    • Packages designed to reduce engineering, installation, and maintenance costs
    • Modular construction
    • Interior or exterior applications
    • Supplied as a chiller or a chiller heater
    • Fluids – Lithium bromide, water, or ammonia vapor
    • Single hermetic pump controls solution flow
    • Built in shutdown controls
    • Ideal for a two pipe hydronic system in which chilled water or hot water is circulated to a central air handling unit or multiple fan coil units
  • Microturbine-fired Absorption Chillers

The absorption chiller or chiller-heater uses a solution of lithium-bromide, water, or ammonia vapor, under a vacuum, as the working fluid. Water is the refrigerant and lithium bromide, a nontoxic salt, is the absorbent. Refrigerant, liberated by heat from the solution, produces a refrigerating effect in the evaporator when cooling water is circulated through the condenser and absorber.