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  • syracuse

    Critical Data Center in CCHP with Capstone Turbines

    Orange Lead the Way The Syracuse University Green Data Center uses novel techniques such as trigeneration with microturbines and absorption chillers to reduce energy use, creating a model its designers hope to replicate with other data centers as computer energy consumption soars. On an overcast February day with snow on the ground and slush on […]

  • SANTA_logo

    CDEC co-sponsoring SANTA 2014

    Caribbean Distributed Energy Corp. (CDEC) is proud to co-sponsor the SANTA (Seeing A Need, Taking Action) Charity golf tournament which will be held at the Constant Spring Golf Club on December 6 and 7. SANTA  is  Jamaica’s  largest  amateur  golf  tournament  and  is  among  the  largest  supporter  of  multiple  charities. Organizers’ SANTA have touched lives […]

  • capstone-turbines-servotel-haiti_18

    “Green New Ventures”

    A new world is dawning before our eyes – one where innovators will triumph. Along with Capstone Turbines, the pair has introduced a revolutionary way of looking at energy, and Servotel will be the first to reap the benefits. Together, Capstone and Technomoteur SA have launched Caribbean Distributed Energy Corp, a company dedicated to provide […]

  • Mr René Jean Jumeau, Mr Thierry Jean Baptiste , Mr Claude Duval, Mme Pamela White, Mr Darren Jamison, Mr Chris Therriot posant devant les MicroTurbines Capstone à Servotel!

    « Revolutionary Technology » in Haiti’s energy sector

    The cogeneration system for energy is in Haiti. It is a technology that can produce and use electricity and heat from a single energy source, utilizing the same process and in the same installation. Some see it as the future of energy in the country. The first system for energy cogeneration installed in Haiti was […]

  • Obama-green

    Executive Order — Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to promote American manufacturing by helping to facilitate investments in energy efficiency at industrial facilities, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy. The industrial sector accounts for over 30 percent […]