“Green New Ventures”

A new world is dawning before our eyes – one where innovators will triumph.

capstone-servotel-haitiAlong with Capstone Turbines, the pair has introduced a revolutionary way of looking at energy, and Servotel will be the first to reap the benefits.
Together, Capstone and Technomoteur SA have launched Caribbean Distributed Energy Corp, a company dedicated to provide Energy Solutions to the Commercial, Industrial & Public Sector.

Their main focus is to reduce energy cost of Companies in the region faced with high OPEX and inefficient energy systems. Whether it is a Co-generation or Tri-generation package, our concepts designs will turn your wasted heat or energies into profits!

Our Energy Solutions are efficient and with a reliability factor of 99.9%

In a place where energy is uncertain, Capstone Turbines allow the generation of electricity and heat in a process termed Combined Heat and Power, or CHP.

Since the electricity generated and used from the exhaust runs parallel to the mechanical energy being used, it dramatically cuts a facility’s need for additional power, thus resulting in cost-effective long term solutions. This energy can be reconverted into heating or cooling, or yet again safeguard power in the
event of an outage.

Energy Minister Jean-Jumeau, also in attendance, digs from his professorial roots to paint a picture in the audience’s minds:
“A lot of energy gets lost in transmission, so it is like giving away 100 gourdes to a trash bin and only receiving 30 gourdes worth of electricity. But with cogeneration, you get to go back into the bin and recuperate another 30.”

Following the earthquake, the energy sector was greatly affected and many companies sought to exploit readily available resources to meet growing needs.

From housing the world’s largest solar powered hospital in Mirebalais to the introduction of Cogeneration, Haiti is taking a green route towards the future.

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